Buying a gift for women is not easy. I can say it is on the list of greatest world mysteries. You might have known her for about twenty years now but still not sure of what pleases her. Ask around, and men will tell you they are not aware of the type of watch their wife loves. It is simple and easy to bring the lady to the watch store and let her choose it for herself. However, this might mean parting with huge amounts of money. If you are in a position to choose the watch your lady will love, you will have hit two birds with one stone. Won her heart and saved money. To get ideas on the type of watch your girl will love, read on.

Buying a watch

A watch for a lady is more than a functional time piece

A watch for women performs some functions. It acts as an accessory to match her clothes and serves as a sign of status. Yes, show off to fellow ladies. Please, not that you are not supposed to just buy a watch for her. Choose something that will match her outfit. The primary function is the secondary function of watches when it comes to ladies. Some will never cheek time from the watches. It is more about how they look on the watch. When the above sinks in your head, you will research and consult wider before buying a watch for your lady. You can talk to her and know the type of watch she prefers.


This is a very crucial factor to consider when buying a watch for her. Ladies are brand conscious to accessories and more so the ones visible to friends. They want to be seen wearing the top class watches. Seiko or Casio will be a practical choice even for your pockets. They are affordable and reliable. You will be better placed if you buy a Cartier with simpler functions. However, you will spend more on this. The idea is to get a brand at an affordable price. You can purchase from online stores or any other with discounts to be fair in your pockets.

Different tastes

The technique you will choose buying a watch for a guy is different from the ones used when buying the same for ladies. Ladies have different priorities and tastes when buying accessories like watches. Think like a lady when buying a watch for her if you want to succeed. You can use the help of another lady to make the purchase if you hit the rocks.