bead-book shelf

This book shelf unit with adjustable shelfs are GREAT for storing varioius beading supplies. Top of the unit are various plastic containers. The first shelf has 2 plastic drawer containers that have 3 drawers each. On the side are a few more stacking containers.

2nd shelf has plastic floss/bead boxes with supplies.

The 3rd shelf has 4 black plastic 5 drawer units. I like these at eye level. I used pink post-it notes to lable the drawers. I keep my Czech seed beads in zip lock bags some sorted by color, some by size. I have a few drawers dedicated to tiny Delica tubed beads.

Shelves 4-8 store more floss/bead boxes. These are filled with larger MM type beads, sorted by color, some by shape.

9th shelf has stack of plastic trays, and velux pads stored on top. Next to it various supplies. 10th shelf stores drawing pads & misc. supplies.

What you don't see is the bottom of this shelf, which stores some books. This is a full length wall unit made by my husband who is a fine carpenter. You can see his work at:



I have 2 computer monitors, & each one is on a stand that is made by my husband, which is for sale at his internet shop:

The drawers are great to keep various stationary supplies in, and it has a space on the bottom for important papers, or books, or bead trays. They lift the monitor to eye level & reduce neck strain. Very ergonomic. They come in various colors, and natural wood. His web site is on the left monitor, mine is on the right. I like to keep various natural stones around my computer monitors.


I created my own photo cube. My husband made the wooden stand that the cube is on. I can store bead trays underneath to make top use of the space.

empty bead stand
bead stand 2
bead stand 3

Japanese Seed Beads are usually sold in tube containers.

I use clear jam jars purchased from a local hardware store. The white plastic stand is a spice, or can storage stand sold in kitchen organizer shops, or in the kitchen supply department of larger stores. These stands expand to be made larger or smaller.

A mirror hangs above it to reflect more light into the room. I sort by color, sometimes by style, or size. Sometimes I use pink post it notes cut to small sizes.

The white plastic stand empty.
Using clear jam jars I start to fill this stand. 
stand filled with jam jars. Some are labeled using pink post-it notes

WORK STATION: Has green rubber mats, with a velux pad on top. Above that is a space for various loose supplies. Nothing rolls on rubber mats. I keep a wooden needle case, and Thread Heaven thread conditioner handy there.

Starting at the left of the photo, there is an empty box for stringing garbage, Ott light, spool of Nymo, jam jar for current beads in use, jam jar holding scissors & beading awls, a stand for pliers, wire cutter & crimper.

Behind this work station you can see against the wall my display of Japanese seed beads. To the left side of that is a plastic beige basket that I keep spools of threads, clear nail polish, calipers, and other misc. supplies I use for stringing.

I use porcelain flower dishes while I bead projects. I did not have one in this photo.


I am a bead artist for 35+ years, so there is a large inventory of supplies to store.
The goal is to create a studio that promotes creativity and easy access one touch features.

The photos below show the storage of beads, supplies, my work station, computer monitor storage, & a photo cube I made.  

I use storage supplies that don’t cost a lot of money. Supplies are purchased from craft shops, stationary stores, kitchen organizing shops, or large department store kitchen or plastic supply areas.


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